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LEnfant-Femme by Rania Matar


Publisher Damiani Editore
Introduction by Her Majesty Queen Noor; essay by Lois Lowry; afterward by Kristen Gresh
released February 2016

"These moving photographs evoke a fundamental sense of cross-cultural understanding. Matar strips away the confines of societal labels from both herself and the girls she photographs. She exposes the boundaries of American and Arab cultures in order to reconcile them."
– excerpt from the Introduction by Her Majesty Queen Noor

A Girl and her Room by Rania Matar

A Girl and Her Room

Introduction by Susan Minot; essay by Anne Tucker
released May 2012

"The girls in these photographs willingly opened their doors to an outsider, trusted her, shared their intimacy with her and exposed themselves and their vulnerability. Rania attempted to get to the soul of each girl, to represent each one as truthfully as she could, and, by capturing each individual, to justify their trust in her."
– Susan Minot

Ordinary Lives by Rania Matar

Ordinary Lives

Publisher Quantuck Lane Press, distribution by W.W. Norton
Text by Pulitzer Prize Winner Anthony Shadid
released September 2009

"No one will forget the women and children in the pages that follow, the ordinary lives in times that are cursed by being anything but ordinary."
– Anthony Shadid

Exhibition Publications

In Her Image

In Her Image

Photographs by Rania Matar

Essay by Joy Kim, Assistant Curator Amon Carter Museum

She Who Tells a Story

She Who Tells a Story

Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World
Kristen Gresh with a foreword by Michket Krifa